Thomas Carnevale, an influential and effective business leader, is one of the leading professionals in video surveillance technology industry.

Thomas currently serves at the Chairman and CEO of Sentry 360 Security. The End to End IP Video Solutions company has a special focus on advanced high resolution surveillance cameras and software management systems.

Thomas Carnevale is also an active consultant for Gerson Lehman Group and Guidepoint Global, providing investors and business leaders with information on emerging video surveillance technology trends, market share of companies and analysis of potential growth within the industry. Thomas has been named a SCHOLAR level consultant with Gerson Lehman Group which means that he is in demand over 70% of the companies 400,000 pool of consultants.

Thomas Carnevale and his company have received recognition from various organizations and publications for the contributions made to the video surveillance industry throughout his tenure. In 2007, the Security Distributing Magazine highlighted Sentry 360’s unique product in the Technology at Work section. More recently, in 2013, Sentry 360 received The Security Products New Product of the Year Award in honor of their outstanding product development achievements.

As a prominent voice in the surveillance technology industry, Thomas Carnevale has repeatedly spoken at key events on the subjects such as IP Video Convergence, Intelligent Video Applications and Video Storage COmpression. Some of Thomas’ most noteworthy events include the NYC Battery Park Post 911 municipal security meeting, Informational Security Conference and IP User Group,

Thomas Carnevale works to improve himself as a husband, father, teacher and leader on a daily basis. Realizing that life is a continual learning process, Thomas tries to discover something new everyday. In addition to his passion for the IP Video Surveillance industry, Thomas enjoys spending his free time with his wife and sons as well as rooting on his beloved Chicago Bears.